Morton Memorial Library’s 3rd Annual Talent Show Request for Talent 2012

It’s baaaaccccckkkkk:
Yes, we’re talking the 3rd annual Morton Memorial Library & Community House Talent Show:  an evening of jug bands, one man bands, storytelling, guitar playing, dance –
you name it, if it’s your talent we want to see it.
This year we’re calling it Third Time’s A Charm!

Each year we hope to include even more community members and each year the show gets better and better.   So please use your imaginations and share your immense variety of talents.
This show and our community are all about enjoyment and camaraderie — no judgment!

Everyone has a talent for something, and it is always so much fun to have a big festive night at Morton where everyone shares and shines.  If you are a visual artist, bring work that you would like to have displayed and possibly purchased by an admiring audience member.  If you are a musician or have musical aspirations, be prepared to regale with song (piano provided).  If you can talk a blue streak while juggling and playing the saw then bring it on, and if you can create an edible masterpiece, we can most certainly promise a truly appreciative audience.  We even have a projection system for showing short films – no more than 3 minutes, please.  Any and all types of creative expression — especially the odd and quirky — are welcomed and embraced.

If you feel that you would prefer your talents remain private,
please come and enjoy your friends/family/neighbors’ talents.
(Because without an appreciative audience who will whoop and holler and sing praises?)

The talent show will be held Friday, March 2, 2011 starting at 6 p.m.
(Visual art will remain on display in Morton Hall for the month of March.)
Please let me know by February 3rd whether you would be interested in participating
and in what capacity.
Please deliver visual art to the library – 82 Kelly Street, Rhinecliff – by Saturday, February 25th.

Please e-mail me a   if you have questions.

Thanks so much from Morton Memorial Library and Community House,
where we all put the ‘community’ in ‘Community House’!

 Sandy Bartlett
Assistant Director
Morton Memorial Library – Rhinecliff
(845) 876-2903

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