“Move Over” law to be expanded in 2012

New York State News:

ALBANY – The “Move Over” traffic safety law will be expanded on New Year’s Day to include tow truck operators and other authorized personnel involved in roadside assistance or highway maintenance.

The law requires that, when possible, motorists must change lanes when they approach an incident where there is a vehicle with flashing red or amber lights.  When it is not possible to move over or there is only one lane, drivers must slow down.

The law has been in effect for police and fire vehicles at incident, requiring motorists to move over when possible on highways the likes of the Thruway, the Taconic and Palisades Interstate parkways, Route 17, I-84 and local two-lane roads like Route 9 in Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties, routes 17K and 211 in Orange County and Route 59 in Rockland County.

Drivers who violate the law could be fined up to $275 plus a court surcharge of $85 and sentenced to up to 15 days in jail. The driver also could be assessed three points on their driving record.

In recent years, a state trooper was killed in Westchester County while involved in a roadside incident.

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