Mayor Jim Reardon announced today

The Village of Rhinebeck is proposing an Events Code to control events held within the Village limits. Mayor Jim Reardon states “Rhinebeck is obviously a very desirable destination for tourists as well as event promoters. The beauty and charm of our Village is the perfect backdrop for someone looking to hold an event. Our concern as a Village Board is the impact that these eventsmay have on our community. Number one is health and safety of our residents as well as those visiting. Things such as emergency plans, traffic management, sanitary precautions and waste handling and Law enforcement coverage are all things that need to be looked at. For the past several months we have prepared a draft Events Code and are now holding a public hearing on

November 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm at Village Hall to take comments from the public.

It is our intent to listen to the public comments and then finalize this document. Once that is accomplished then the Village Board what take action to sign it into law.

The Draft Events Code:


  1. Good gracious…aside from the $500 application fee, the rules and regulations are daunting!! Who would ever want to hold an event in town? Why did this come up? Was there a problem with the events in the past? What is the driving force behind this?

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