Money Saving Tips to Cut Heating Costs from Infrared Diagnostics

Attic insulation: Measure the thickness of attic insulation and lift areas that appear darkened or dirty to look for air leaks. For the Hudson Valley region the DOE currently recommends R-49, which is approximately 16.5″ of insulation. Common air leaks: Lift attic insulation to identify and seal holes commonly found around wiring chases, vent pipes, and other penetrations found in the attic floor with a fire proof caulking. Soffits: Make sure rafter vents are properly installed to provide a channel for outside air to flow from the soffits into the attic without compromising the insulation. Air movement through insulation (air washing) can reduce the rated R-value of insulation by as much as 50% – clearly visible by the cooler purplish areas in the thermal image above of a typical ceiling that wasn’t properly vented.

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