Sinterklaas Volunteers NEEDED! 2011

Dear Friends & Rhinebeck Community Members:
Sinterklaas Day (December 3) is almost here and we are reaching out to the community for volunteers to make the magic happen.  We can’t do it without your help!  As you know, it takes many, many people doing 2 hour shifts to keep everything moving forward on Sinterklaas Day.  So if you can give us a couple of hours this year, we can keep bringing the joy of Sinterklaas to the thousands who come to admire and marvel at the talents and community spirit in Rhinebeck.  And – guaranteed, it will be the most fun you have ever had on a volunteer gig!

Teens are also welcomed to help — if you have some of them in your home. 

Community Service hours for Rhinebeck High School students is credited for volunteering with us.  We have the forms!  
I have attached a link to Doodle, which is a great tool for gathering information.  Please use this link to go to our chart and check off a task & time period, then we can begin to schedule volunteers and communicate all the details to you.   
The Link:

There are 10 options on this poll for different tasks at different times of day
— Here’s a little more description about the tasks:
Set Up/Staging — helping set up in the morning hours.  We will be setting up various elements at different locations in the village.
Help Pick Up Food — all the restaurants in town donate food for our performers to nosh on throughout the day.  We need people to go around to the various restaurants and pick up the food donations and bring them to our performer’s green room space in the village. 
Information Table (and general help) — helping in town to give info to visitors, sell stars for our fundraising and generally be helpful to our central management team. 
Help in Performance Venues — help to manage the performance spaces by making announcements, helping performers find their waiting area, help get audiences seated and letting performers know when they are going on stage. 
After Parade Pack Up:  After the Parade, we need people to help pack the puppets into the truck and take down the staging elements in the municipal parking lot.  

 Thank you!   
Pat Sexton
Sinterklaas 2011
(845) 876-6880

Sinterklaas Arrival Parties in Kingston & Rhinecliff — Saturday, November 26th
Sinterklaas Day in Rhinebeck — All Day Event! — Saturday, December 3
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