“It’s All About Relationships, But It’s Not That Easy.” ~ Parent Forum

                                 Thursday, October 6th, 2011 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Rhinebeck High School Auditorium                           

               Interactive, engaging Parent Forum                                           

The Community Coalition for Rhinebeck Youth cordially invites you to attend our next Parent Forum, “It’s All About Relationships, But It’s Not That Easy.”

Open communication with our teens can seem nearly impossible at times, and if we’re going to be successful in helping them learning how to make healthy choices and avoid risks, the way we approach communication may hold some key answers.

We have a lively, engaging experience planned with role-playing, live examples, and opportunity for discussion. Our guest panelists bring a wealth of behavioral health expertise to help us increase our knowledge and skill set for proactively engaging with our teens. For example, do you know how to stay centered when your teen is feeling particularly stubborn or angry? What should we be thinking about when “choosing our battles?” Come join us to hear some perspectives on these questions and so much more. Bring your questions, concerns, and input with you.

Complimentary child care will be available at the High School for parents in attendance. Please RSVP the number and ages of children via email at  cc4rbky@gmail.com.    to reserve space.

For additional information, please visit us at www.rhinebeckyouth.org .

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