Water Department Annual Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Each year the Rhinebeck Water Department flushes water mains by opening hydrants throughout the town and village, as it is a  necessity to maintain the water lines in the system.  Flushing moves the water through the mains at such a high speed as to loosen the deposits of iron and manganese and remove them from the system.  However, flushing stirs up sediment and can result in discolored water in your home.  The discoloration is not harmful, and usually will clear up when you let your water run for awhile.  At times, homeowners also experience loss of water pressure during the operation because so much water is being diverted to the hydrant.  Though flushing can be an inconvenience for some people, our crews do their best to keep the inconvenience to a minimum and, in the long run, customers enjoy clearer water as a result.

Read On: http://rhinebeck-ny.gov/town-board/announcements/water-department-annual-hydrant-flushing-schedule