Daily Freeman Reports~ Rhinebeck’s James E. Ransome has illustrated close to 50 books

IN THE MIND of illustrator, now author, James E. Ransome, characters frolic, skip, leap and jump, then come coursing through his veins and nerve endings, flowing from his fingertips and tumbling onto the page. Only “magical” describes it.

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Rhinebeck Community Forum’s Interview with James and Lesa  Ransome

Let’s Meet For Coffee!

Our roving morning reporter, Kathy Chaneles, catches up with local residents around town…

Interview 2/7/2011 Bread Alone: James Ransome and Lesa Cline Ransome

Early February morning of a long and snowy winter, I am picking my way through patches of ice and slush, to get to Bread Alone, where I am looking forward to meeting with James Ransome and Lesa Cline Ransome, illustrator and writer, respectively, of an amazing array of well-known children’s books, a number of which are collaborations by these two very talented people and all of which are highly acclaimed, many prize-winning, works that have enriched the lives of scores of young people. Since meeting the Ransomes when one of their daughters joined my then Girl Scout troop several years ago, I have been wowed, not only by their considerable professional accomplishments, but equally by the harmonious fashion in which they conduct their lives, raising four great kids, participating actively in our community, and always spreading warmth, good ideas, humor and help.

Read On  ~ :https://rhinebeck.wordpress.com/the-interviews/ Go to link, scroll down for interview


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