Flood victims should check for household mold

Empire State News: http://www.empirestatenews.net/News/20110903-2.html

ALBANY – The State Health Department today issued health and safety guidelines for individuals whose homes have experienced moisture or water damage as a result of recent storms and flooding. Water damage in buildings can promote mold growth and decay of building materials.

Molds are microscopic organisms that usually live on plant or animal matter. Mold growth may occur unless prompt action is taken in buildings where flooding or water damage has caused building materials or furnishings to become wet.

Exposure to mold can cause adverse health effects in some people. The most common effects are allergic responses from breathing airborne mold. These allergic responses include making hay fever or asthma symptoms worse, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or lungs. Serious infections from molds are relatively rare and unlikely to occur in people who are generally in good health; however, mold infections are a concern for people with severely suppressed immune systems.

The State Health Department recommends the following steps to reduce the potential risk:

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