Many People Missing Out On FEMA Help

ALBANY, N.Y. – When Hurricane Irene tore into the East Coast in late August, residents in declared counties became eligible for federal assistance. Yet some people who suffered losses and damage in the wake of the disaster have failed to seek help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

All they need to do is register with FEMA to get the process started.

“There are many misconceptions about getting help,” said FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officer Philip Parr.  “Often people who would qualify for assistance miss out because they are mistaken or misinformed.”

Many simply don’t know that FEMA offers help to homeowners and renters who have suffered damage to their homes.
Others think that since they already cleaned up and made whatever repairs were needed that they can’t apply for assistance. Still others are worried that accepting money from FEMA might have an impact on their Social Security checks or would be taxed as income by the IRS. In addition, some may feel hesitant in accepting taxpayer money because “my neighbor needs it more than I do.”

Sometimes disaster survivors assume that when they collect their insurance claims, even if the amount they receive fell short of covering the damage sustained, that they aren’t eligible for any federal help.

But the most common reason that people fail to register with FEMA and apply for assistance is the assumption that having alerted local, county or state officials about the damages and other losses, that they automatically are registered with FEMA.

“It’s perfectly logical to think that once you talk to any emergency official, the process has started,” Parr said. “But that is incorrect. The best thing to do is call the FEMA registration line at 800-621-3362. You can also register online at, and all the information you need is right there.”



  1. If you have flood insurance, FEMA will offer no assistance. That was our experience in this recent storm. We filed an application, a representative of FEMA visited and interviewed us, and then turned us down for any aid.

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