The Village of Rhinebeck has declared a water emergency 8/31/2011

August 31, 2011 8:00 am

The Village of Rhinebeck has declared a water emergency.

Mayor Jim Reardon stated today “Due to the high level of turbidity in the Hudson River caused by runoff from Hurricane Irene we have been experiencing a great degree of difficulty in processing the water. The treatment plant has been shutdown temporarily. At this time we are trucking water in so that we can keep the system functioning. However it is necessary to take emergency steps to conserve water”.

All unnecessary usage should be eliminated. Ways to conserve water include not washing vehicles, watering lawns or gardens or running dishwashers unless they are completely full. Also if you have any leaks at faucets those should be repaired immediately. Reardon states “please understand that we need to have the system functional and able to supply water in case of fire and by taking the necessary steps now to conserve water we will be able to respond if an emergency situation arises. Once we are able to assume normal operations we will remove the restrictions. We thank everyone for their cooperation”.