SIRIUS PLAY Dog Training September/October


For dogs and puppies with little or no training or if you’d just like to work on your dog’s training Learn how to handle your dog with distractions. Leash walking, basic behaviors and much more will be covered. Class size is small so that all your questions can be addressed and plenty of attention can be given to you and your dog. Reward-based training techniques and problem solving will be emphasized so that both you and your dog can enjoy your time together when you are out and about. This is a very practical and useful class and will help to prepare you and your dog for “the real world” instead of just the classroom.


For dogs who have completed a Sirius Play Basic Manners class or with permission of instructor. This class is a continuation of Basic Manners. More leash walking, recall, stay, wait and off-leash work will be covered as well as getting your dog used to working in high-distraction situations. Just more fun and more group walks through the Village of Rhinebeck. Fun!

 Introduction to K9 Nose work

 Introduction to K9 Nose Work II (Intro to odor)

For More info contact Polly Kaplan at Sirius Play:  or (845) 797-1879 or