Platt Avenue Parking Update

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By Meridith Ferber
August 12th 2011

Platt Avenue Parking Update

As promised, the Rhinebeck Community Forum has an update regarding the parking issues on Platt Avenue near Haven Spa.  Following the July Village Board Meeting we published an article outlining the concerns of Platt Avenue homeowners and other Village of Rhinebeck residents concerning the parking congestion at Platt Avenue and Route 9, in front of the Haven Spa.  As previously stated, the Village Board sent Haven owner, Lisa Bare, notice that her site plan had been approved for five employees, not the twenty-something now employed by the popular spa.  It was believed that the increase in employees led to the congestion on the street. 

In response to our article, Lisa Bare, owner of Haven Spa and long-time Rhinebeck resident advised the Rhinebeck Community Forum that Haven Spa and the Village of Rhinebeck have come to an agreement regarding this matter.  In addition, Ms. Bare advised that the current parking issues faced by the street are associated with the medical practice located next door.  Ms. Bare wrote:

One [of the alternate parking solutions discussed with Mayor Reardon] is that Haven Spa staff no longer parks on Platt Avenue. We utilize our lot and route 9 as requested by the Village. We are negotiating to rent the Masonic temple parking lot. The majority of the street parking is the staff of the medical center next door. Their entire staff parks on Platt Avenue.” 

The medical practice referenced, Rhinebeck Women’s Health, will be moving to the Mid Hudson Medical Group practice which will be located in the old Grand Union, next to Stop & Shop.  This move should alleviate the parking concerns of Village Residents. 

In response to the Village’s contention that the spa was in violation of the site plan, Ms. Bare advised the RCF that while Haven’s employee count has grown considerably these employees are not full time. 

“Indeed the business has grown in the 10 years we have been in business,” Bare stated, “and at times there are more than five employees in house. [But] because my employees are therapist none are full time, the majority work 2 to 3 days a week.”

Both the Village of Rhinebeck and Haven Spa are pleased with the resolutions and continued efforts to alleviate parking concerns and issues.