Anti-Indian Point groups take message from NYC upriver

Environmental groups Clearwater and Time’s Up! prepare to set sail
on the Hudson, to deliver their message that they believe it is time to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant


NEW YORK – Clearwater and New York City environmental group “Time’s Up! took their “shut down Indian Point” message from Manhattan to the nuclear power plant in what one member said was an old fashioned rally.

Bicyclists peddled to Grand Central Station where many hopped on a train to Verplank and then hopped on the Sloop Clearwater for a sail past the power plant.

Time’s Up! member Benjamin Shepherd said their message was clear. “Time’s up. It’s time to shut it down now. We don’t want to have a Fukushima on the Hudson,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the results of its June 30 inspection of the Indian Point unit 2 facility, identifying four “low safety significance” findings. Because they are in Entergy’s corrective action program, “The NRC is treating these as non-cited violations.”

Entergy is in the midst of a license renewal application process with the NRC.