Sirius Play classes

Does your dog love to counter-surf, chase squirrels or his nose always to the ground?

Would you like to build your dog’s confidence?

Are you looking for a way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog?

K9 Nose Work was developed by professional detection dog handlers, but is a very relaxing, fun and entertaining way to spend time with your dog. Sirius Play Dog Training will be offering an Introduction to K9 Nose Work class at Enigma (a fabulous dance hall in Milan) starting July 15 at 9:30 AM. It is a six week class and all are welcome, especially those of you with reactive dogs. Pre-registration is REQUIRED. If you would like to find out what this fantastic new sport is all about contact Polly Kaplan at Sirius Play: or (845) 797-1879 or  

Have you always wanted to be able to hang out with your dog and have a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafes in Rhinebeck?

IS your dog’s behavior preventing you from participating in social and recreational activities with other dog owners?

Sirius Play Dog Training will be offering a practical and fun class called Real World Basic Manners. You will be spending time learning about your dog’s behavior and about how you influence it. It is called a real world class because the majority of the time will be spent outside in The Village practicing managing your dog with the aim of being able to have a relaxing experience.

Don’t be frustrated anymore!

This is a six week class starting on Wednesday July 13 at 7 PM.

We will be starting out at Pause Dog Boutique in The Village of Rhinebeck. Contact Polly Kaplan at Sirius Play:  or (845) 797-1879 or



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