The Present. What a Gift! ~ Thoughts from Marybeth Cale of Cale Consulting,

“Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery…and today – well, that is a gift”. Mom has shared that with me countless times through the years, and I am fairly certain you have heard your own version at some point in your life. Perhaps cliche to some, but any variation of that phrase is one worth meditating on each and every day.
As a college-bound student, you are undoubtedly faced with the stress of crafting the perfect response to the world’s seemingly most popular question, “what do you want to do after high school?”. Naturally, we all feel compelled to share a vision for our future that appears extraordinary in some way; something that radiates the “wow” factor. And some of you do, indeed, know exactly what you want – and are even more certain of how you will get there – which is fantastic. But for many teenagers, there is great uncertainty in what might be next. And whether or not you have developed your goals or not, no matter. Either way, if you are not living in the present moment, you will miss important lessons and stories around you that may shape your entire future.