Power NY Act (A.8510 Cahill/S.5844 Maziarz) – is significant. It has two parts

Article X and Counting by Jeff Jones

In 2009, New York launched Green Jobs-Green New York, a program designed to create jobs and conserve energy through a statewide program to retrofit homes and small businesses. One problem has been finding ways for homeowners to repay the low-interest loans needed to do the work. With the passage of on-bill financing, we will now be able to do it through our utility bills. In fact, this will allow New Yorkers to directly invest the savings from home efficiency retrofits to pay off the loans. This creates a national model that will be duplicated in other states.

And now, for the first time since 2002, New York has a power plant siting law. Article X, as it is known, streamlines the permitting process. Before it expired nine years ago, Article X was used for plants proposed to generate 80 megawatts or more. Now that has been reduced to 25 megawatts. We will soon see if that will help facilitate the siting of smaller generating facilities, especially those using renewables like wind and solar. Those who hope it will speed up the process of siting larger power plants will probably be disappointed. New York doesn’t need new power sources, at least through the end of the decade. And the more successful we are with renewable sources, the less need there will be for new fossil fuel plants.

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