Support bill to teach CPR skills at schools

Letters to the editor — 6/22

Six years ago, my eldest daughter survived sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 15 because someone had been trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation — CPR — and used it to save her life.

Presently, a potentially lifesaving bill is before our representatives that presents an opportunity to empower kids with CPR skills in school.

This bill, S2491, will require children to receive CPR training in New York public schools prior to graduating. The bill does not require kids to get certified, only to learn the skills. The American Heart Association has simplified CPR training so that it can be accomplished within a half hour. It can be easily incorporated into health class. In addition to gaining a valuable lifesaving skill, students will gain an understanding of civic responsibility.

I have urged Sen. Steve Saland to co-sponsor and urge others to please contact him and request his support to pass this lifesaving measure.

Currently, kids in Rhinebeck have the opportunity to gain these skills. Yet, many schools do not provide CPR training and won’t unless it is required.

All kids deserve the opportunity to gain these lifesaving skills.

Linda Cotter-Forbes


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