Our roving reporter, Kathy Chaneles, catches up with local resident: Rhinebeck School Superintendent Joseph Phelan

Joseph Phelan

K- Good Morning! Since we first spoke about doing this interview, I’ve  considered and rejected several approaches. I have decided not to discuss Budget, Board Candidates, Social Media, Substance Use, Politics, or Taxes. Here’s the thing: When I read, a few weeks ago, that you are one of the few school superintendents who has offered to give up salary, in these economically challenging times, in support of our community, I was impressed but not surprised. I have heard you speak about encouraging students to engage in leadership developing activities and community service, for example in Interact Club. I hear that you have been spotted bringing young people to provide volunteer service with you at the Queen’s Galley soup kitchen in Kingston. I l love the fact that community service hours are mandatory for all Rhinebeck High school students.

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