Infrared Inspections : Finding Tomorrows Problems Today

Originally developed for night vision and other military uses, thermal imaging technology has proven to be a powerful tool in the analysis and solution of many building related problems.  This technology exposes  and documents problems such as:

Construction Defects:  Design flaws, inferior building materials, poor design, and sub-standard workmanship.

 Performance Problems:  Deficient insulation, heat loss, excessive air-leakage, and ice dams.

Environmental Concerns:  Moisture problems and roof leaks, damp basements, and mold growth.
Fire Hazards:  Faulty electrical components, high resistance connections, and improper wiring. In buildings, nearly 60 percent of all electrically induced fires are caused by abnormal heating due to loose and high resistance connections, excessive current flow, and faulty wiring that can often evade detection during conventional inspection and maintenance activities.
In short, an  infrared inspection provides you with the means to detect a thermal signature of an impending problem.

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