NEW dog training classes for MARCH 2011

SIRIUS PLAY will be offering, starting the week of March 14th, the following 6-week sessions: If you have been putting off your dog’s education, now is the time to start. And it’s fun too!

SIRIUS PLAY prides itself for having small class sizes, lots of individual attention and addressing all those training questions you always wondered about.

SIRIUS PLAY will guide you to a well-mannered dog that you can develop a strong bond with. Rules, training, playing, structure, exercise and FUN are the keys to the kind of dog that is a pleasure to live with. 

Basic Manners:  For puppies and dogs with little or no training. Basic, useful and necessary behaviors will be covered such as stay, wait, sit, down, leave it, coming when called, etc. We will also be discussing our dogs’ behaviors…and our own. Loose-leash walking will be introduced. Thursdays 10 AM and 7 PM

Loose-leash walking:  For puppies and dogs with little or no training. We will lay the foundation for and practice leash walking so that you can walk your dog…and not the other way around! Tuesdays 10 AM and Thursdays at 6 PM

Tricks:  For puppies and dogs with little or no training. Come have some more fun. Teach your dog tricks and other behaviors that will stimulate and entertain. If there is a trick you would like your dog to learn,  let us know, because we always want to learn new tricks too! Tuesdays 11 AM and Thursdays at 8 PM

All training is REWARD-BASED, positive and FUN. Register soon. is limited and classes fill up fast. PRE-REGISTRATION required

Private sessions also available in your home or at Pause.

Polly Kaplan 

(845) 797-1879

Sirius Play Dog Training

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