Surgeon crashes jet into Hudson north of bridge

Police scuba divers this morning will resume their search for the body of a 38-year-old Germantown man and Rhinebeck podiatrist believed to have died when the vintage British training jet he was piloting crashed into the icy Hudson River near the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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  1. What I find disturbing:
    This occurred a year ago. I observed ONLY comments regarding this MD’s “loved” stance in the community. At no point, was he criticized regarding the fact that he almost destroyed the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge and any (that were many) citizens on the bridge at that moment. If he were a driver (under the influence or not) he would have been arrested, or, DOA, charged with manslaughter or attempted. The video was pulled from YouTube within hours of the event, though it was reported and observed by the “doctors” friends. I’m disgusted by the “favoritism”, willingness to “look the other way” in this case. I don’t care what his credentials as an MD were, his actions were criminal. No one held him responsible. He was excused as a “loved citizen”. Seems his family roots must go far back in this area, no? I have been furious since this event. Where are are responsible voters???

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