New 6 week session starting January 31st

Basic Manners (Wednesdays at 10AM or Thursdays at 6PM) for dogs 6 months and older. No previous training required• Day-to-day management, basic behaviors, leash walking

Tricks & Fun (Wednesdays at 11AM or Thursdays at 7PM) A fun class for dogs who have basic training or above• Bring out your dog’s creative side• You’ll be amazed at what your dog can do

Loose-Leash Walking (Tuesdays at 11AM or Thursdays at 8PM) Who’s walking who anyway? • No previous training necessary• Make walking your dog a more relaxing experience

SIRIUS PLAY offers private instruction and behavior solutions at your place or ours, as well as “Custom Classes” for groups of three or more tailored to fit YOUR schedule.

SIRIUS PLAY strongly believes you should be able to live, enjoy, and not just co-exist with your dog. We offer very small class sizes and LOTS of individual attention. All training is reward-based. We encourage both dog and owner to problem-solve. You will learn about your dog’s behavior and how you influence it. If you would like a dog you can enjoy and develop a healthy and strong relationship with, then SIRIUS PLAY Dog Training is for


Polly Kaplan (845) 797-1879

Classes offered at Pause Dog Boutique in the Village of Rhinebeck

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