Rethinking the Rules of Living Lecture Series Uncovering Your Real and False Needs

Rethinking the Rules of Living  Lecture Series Uncovering Your Real and False Needs

presented by Judith Garten

Tuesday, February 15, 7:00 PM

Starr Library

68 W. Market Street, Rhinebeck

($5 contribution)

Our happiness depends upon our being able to fulfill our deepest needs.  But what are those needs?   Most of us are still chasing after the needs we did not get met in childhood and miss the opportunities we have to meet our healthy adult needs now.  Come and explore the world of beautiful needs, their delight and pleasure.

Judith Garten is a teacher and counselor of a psychological and metaphysical discipline based on the Pathwork lectures accessed through Moira Shaw’s The 50/50 Work.  She teaches worldwide and brings humor and open-heartedness to her presentations.

“She probes with eloquence and gravitas so that when we leave her presence we are more awake and alive and ready to take action during these troubled times.”  — Gail Straub, Author, Activist Executive Director of Empowerment Training Programs

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