Zach Green disappeared in uptown Kingston Sunday night

Kingston resident Zach Green has been MISSING since Sunday night! He was last seen uptwon outside @LaCanard when he made a call at 9:44PM. His car has been found, but NOT Zach!! A missing Person Report has been filed with the KPD, so if you have ANY information, please call the KPD!!

Man says son, 32, missing since Sunday

Area residents and the Kingston Neighborhood Watch group are organizing search parties at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Kingston Point and at the corner of John and Wall streets in Uptown Kingston.


  1. Please consider contacting Texas Equisearch. TES is an amazing organization of searchers. Please take a look at their website. They will only participate in a search if requested by family or police.
    Can a family member or friend set up a facebook “missing” page? There are websites that showcase/list missing people…maybe get him listed on them? When you do an internet search of Zach’s name you want to get as many hits as possible. Kudos to the volunteers searching and handing out flyers. Try to get flyers in every gas station, deli, hotel, and bar in the area.

  2. I see Zach now has a facebook “missing” page!! There missing and or crime forum called…. Zach’s info has been posted there. I hope it helps in some small way. Check it out if you get the chance.

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