Alert!Looking for lost Chihuahua~

Our 6 month-old Chihuahua puppy disappeared from our back patio about 45 minutes ago. We live in the village of Rhinebeck, across from the Mobil station on East Market St. She has NEVER wandered off. She was only unsupervised for about 3 minutes. She hates the snow/cold and it was right before dinner time, all the more reason she would never have wandered off. She will not even walk in the snow. Her name is Nora and she is wearing a collar with her name and our phone number. We have alerted our neighbor and the Mobil station. Please alert us if you have any information or ideas on how to pursue finding her. Thank you, Karri Wolfe 845-849-5646


  1. posted it in as many places as I can think of. I will pray for her safe return. My heart hurts for you. Please keep us posted with updates…

  2. Hi,

    You need to post on craig’s list under lost/found and pets. Post daily.

    There is a service, They contact everyone in your neighborhood and they have a high recovery rate.

    Put pieces of clothing outside so the breeze can carry your scent. Also food..a trail of food.

    She may have wandered off or been taken. Leave no stone unturned. Start searching with a search party just like they do for missing children. Contact your local animals control officer for help.

    Never leave a dog unattended who is not in a fenced area, not for a second..

    I will cross post to Hudson_Valley_Dog

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