Thermal Imaging may be the answer to finding energy loss, construction defects or an electrical problems in your home.

Infrared Diagnostics ~

Infrared Energy Audits – Heating and cooling costs are typically a property owner’s greatest operating expense. To reduce these costs energy audits provide a room by room infrared inspection of your home or building and a comprehensive report that include graphic thermal images to precisely identify problems, solutions, projected savings, and a prioritized list of repair options that enable you to correct the problems yourself or hire a contractor with confidence and advance knowledge of exactly what repairs are needed

Originally developed for night vision and other military uses, thermal imaging technology has proven to be a powerful tool in the analysis and solution of many building related problems. With this technology we are able expose and document problems such as:

Construction Defects: Design flaws, inferior building materials, poor design, and sub-standard workmanship.

Performance Problems: Deficient insulation, heat loss, excessive air-leakage, and ice dams.

Environmental Concerns: Moisture problems and roof leaks, damp basements, and mold growth.

Fire Hazards: Faulty electrical components. High resistance connections, and improper wiring.

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