Is it Possible to Live an Undefended Life?

Is it Possible to Live an Undefended Life?
a presentation by Judith Garten

Tues. Dec. 7th   7:30 pm  Starr Library, Rhinebeck ($5 contribution)

What does it mean to live an undefended life, and to know, what the poet David
Whyte refers to as the true shape of your own face?

Imagine being so undefended in the sight of another that you have no need to pretend,
cover over, or arm yourself against some imaginary threat.  Imagine your heart free to love
and express itself.  Do you wish to live like that?  Do you think it is possible?

Judith Garten is a teacher and counselor of The 50/50 Work based on the Pathwork, a
pyschological/metaphyical discipline.  She has introduced these concepts to groups
as diverse as the Hutus and Tutsi’s of Rwanda, to HIV-infected drug addicts from East New York,
as well as executives from Fortune 500 Companies. 

“…she probes with eloquence and gravitas so that when we leave her presence we
are more awake and alive and ready to take action during these troubled times.”

                               Gail Straub, Author, Activist, Executive Director of              
                                                      Empowerment Training Programs, NY