This is our Call to Arms for Volunteers to help on the Day of Sinterklaas

Dear Sinterklaas Supporters:
This is our Call to Arms for Volunteers to help on the Day of Sinterklaas — Saturday, December 4.
(We’ve heard from some of you, so please forgive us if you get this email once or twice more than you need.  Those who have signed up will be hearing from us after Thanksgiving with assignments)  Please share this email with your friends and email lists!  We need you all!
First, we need to know if you’d like to carry puppets, banners, flags, etc. in the Parade.  We’re just trying to get a head-count on those interested.   Let us know!  And how many people in your group/family … or if it is just you.   We need over 150 people, so bring ’em all along!
AND — We need lots of people to make this all happen during the day too.
Can you give us a 2-hour stint some time between 10am – 5pm on that day doing one of the following jobs…   (Ok if you want to work more than 2 hours too — please be as generous with your time as you can be …. we really need you!! )
Jobs to fill:  (these are jobs for Adults & Teens — Rhinebeck HS community service hours available for this work!)
1.  MCs at performance venues (introducing acts & working with performers)
2.  Greeters at performance venues (just helping people get in & out, keep doors closed during performances, general helping to keep venue moving smoothly)
3.  ASK ME people — walk around town doing what you want to do, but wearing an ASK ME crown so people know they can ask you where things are, where they can get things, etc.  You will be given info on paper to refer to, but should be generally knowledgeable about where places are in Rhinebeck town center.
4.  Parking Lot Managers.  Municipal Lot is partially closed.  Need you there to let people know why it’s closed and make sure people don’t go through barricades and try to park in closed areas.
5.  Crowns & Branches — help in kids workshop at Dutch Reform Church hall, where the kids are building their crowns & branches.   Arts & crafts kind of thing.  Fun, busy work.
Please let me know what you can do!
Thanks —
Pat Sexton