Ethics complaint filed against Saland ~ Rhinebeck

Poughkeepsie Journal :

A complaint alleging an ethics violation by state Sen. Steve Saland, R-Poughkeepsie, has been made by a Rhinebeck man to state officials. Saland denied the accusation he sought endorsements from those for whom he helped get state grants. A sign appeared early this week at the Hillside Fire District firehouse in Rhinebeck saying, “Fire fighters for Saland,” prompting Lloyd Hamilton of Rhinebeck to complain to the state Legislative Ethics Commission alleging Saland was “seeking unwarranted privileges” and “raising the specter of a quid pro quo” in return for giving state grants. Saland said, “These allegations are a lie and completely without merit.” Saland said Hamilton is an active Democrat. He said his talk with a fire official was to say that some fire companies had been “kind enough to recognize that I have worked with them and kind enough to put up on occasion a sign on their directory thanking me.” He denied that “somehow or other, there was a quid pro quo.” Lisa Reid, executive director of the commission, said she could not comment. Complaints are confidential “unless and until a notice of reasonable cause is issued.”

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