Three Provocative Lectures ~ Presented by Judith Garten

Three Provocative Lectures ~ To Help You Rethink the Rules of Living

Presented by Judith Garten

Friday 7:30pm ~ Oct 15th – Crisis as Opportunity – Your Beautiful Problem        

Tuesday 7:30pm ~  Nov 9th – The Architecture of Heaven & Hell

Tuesday 7:30pm ~ Dec 7th – Is it Possible to Lead an Undefended Life?          


68 W. Market Street, Rhinebeck ($5 contribution)

Judith Garten is a teacher and counselor of a psychological and metaphysical discipline based on the Pathwork lectures accessed through  Moira Shaw’s The 50-50 Work.  She teaches world-wide and brings humor and open-heartedness to her presentations.

“Anything Judith leads will bring depth and clarity.  Her presence insures that surprising new perspectives will emerge in individuals and the group…”  Elizabeth Lesser, author, Cofounder, Omega Institute

“…she probes with eloquence and gravitas so that when we leave her presence we are more awake and alive and  ready to take action during these troubled times.”  Gail Straub, Author, Activist,  Executive Director of Empowerment Training Programs


  1. I enthusiastically agree with the glowing appraisals of Judith Garten’s presentations. I attended a presentation a few weeks ago and found it fun, interesting and, yes, life changing.

    Wendy Owen

  2. Judith Garten
    Another nut looking for her ancestery – the name Garten has always fascinated me because of it’s Jewishness.
    I have read many books on the WWII Holocaust and am now reading Left To Tell and saw your name in Praise for Left To Tell. So – should you have any information on the Garten name I would be very interested and appreciative if you would send it to me.
    Thank you and Blessings, BGH

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