A+ School Rewards at Stop N Shop~Rhinebeck. You can help too!

With A+ School Rewards Everyone Wins!

October 8th 2010 – March 24th 2010
Welcome to the 2010-2011 A+ School Rewards Program.
Stop & Shop is proud to offer our A+ School Rewards program to help our community schools. Now parents and other supporters can earn great awards for schools to use as they choose!

What It Is

With A+ School Rewards, points accrue with each purchase where the Stop & Shop Card is used. It even works with purchases made online with Peapod by Stop & Shop. At the end of each month, these points determine your school’s cash total which is automatically credited to its account and school totals updated each month. (Please note: Gift cards (excluding store brand gift cards), pharmacy, alcohol and/or cigarette purchases are excluded from accruing points.)

How It Works

A+ School Rewards are rounded per transaction to the nearest whole dollar amount. At the end of each month, each school’s dollar amount is determined which is then automatically credited to its account

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