Discovery 2010: The Science of Sports

Have you ever wondered:
• How fast a tennis ball flies through the air?
• What difference a meal makes to an athlete’s performance?
• How a karate master breaks a board with his bare hands?
• Why standing on point doesn’t destroy a dancer’s toes?
• How slow you can ride a bike without falling over?

The focus for this year’s Discovery Event is on the wonder of physical
movement in the world. Think active learning squared.

Presenters will invite participants to explore the physiology and mechanics
of sports. Discover how science, technology, and engineering explain – and
make possible – the games we love to play.

Join athletes and educators, families and members of the Rhinebeck community
on October 30th for a day of body and brains in action, culminating in an
epic Soccer/Dodgeball Tournament for all ages. You might just want to dust
off your cleats, pull a team together and sign up to play!

Discovering the Science of Sports
Saturday, October 30
Rhinebeck Middle/High School
we need your help to get the game going!

If you have an idea or would like to help us develop ideas and
presentations, please contact Emily Kinser at

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