Rhinebeck Resident and Portrait Painter Nadine Robbins will have her work on display

“Portraiture is a privilege! I feel as though I am being given the rare opportunity to capture the essence of humanity and give it a voice, a soul, and a history. The connection between the eye of the artist and the eye of the sitter is what a great piece of art becomes and a sense of humor is what makes it special”. Using my background in design & photography, I am currently focused on painting portraits w/a touch of humor that is unexpected in the market of traditional portraits.

My current project is a series of life-size paintings called “8 portrait Peaces.” Each painting starts w/an interview of select artist couples. This initial meeting sets the stage for the concept & spontaneous moment that is used for the photography I work from. The entire process is documented on my blog which is devoted to this project & my portrait career. In 2010, one of the portraits from this series “The Rolling Buns” was accepted in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ annual show in London.

Rhinebeck Resident and Portrait Painter Nadine Robbins will have her work displayed at the Coldwell Banker offices in both Kingston and Stone Ridge, NY. The opening is on 6/5 in the Kingston Office from 5-7 and will run until 7/31 and will be in the Stone Ridge office from 8/1 to 9/31.

Nadine Robbins: http://www.Nadinerobbinsportraits.com 

Follow Nadine’s blog: http://nadinerobbinsportraits.blogspot.com