Rhinebeck school administrators give back part of pay.

RHINEBECK — School district trustees on Tuesday agreed to accept a donation of about $21,000 offered by the six-member Rhinebeck Administrators Association representing the return of two percent of base salary during 2010-11.

The give-back was announced during a Board of Education meeting, where officials said the money is intended to pay for program cuts made to hold the proposed property tax levy increase in the budget to less than 4 percent.

“There are the three building principals, the assistant principal at the high school-middle school, the director of special education, and the director of curriculum and instruction,” district Superintendent Joseph Phelan said.

In the resolution accepting the donation, trustees said administrators hope to restore some of the arts-in-education programs, field trips, and extracurricular activities “directly affecting students … due to the current budget challenges.”

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A story Wednesday on the donation of about $21,000 from Rhinebeck school district administrators should have reported that district Superintendent Joseph Phelan and Assistant Superintendent Thomas Burnell also contributed two percent of their 2010-11 base salaries toward district programs. In all there were eight administrators participating in the donation.


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