February 22, 2010 Preliminary Agenda



Board of Assessment Review, Rhinecliff Advisory Committee and Community Center
Visioning Committee are seeking new members.

February 25th from 1-3 PM Congressman Murphy’s staff will be at Town Hall to
assist any residents.

John Conley has announced his March 26, 2010 retirement from Highway Department
after 25 years

March 20th – Senior Citizen Prom at Rhinebeck High School from 12 noon to 4 pm.
 For reservations call 871-5500 X 5501

Public Hearing
7:00 Local 1 of 2010 – Defense and Indemnification of Officers and Employees

Action Items
Vote on proposed Local Law 1 of 2010 –
Address Robert Grossman 1/29/10 letter concerning property at 11 Beachum Road.
Appoint Tom Connolly and Gina Fox to Recreation Committee, term to expire
Appoint Katie Clark to Recreation Committee, term to expire 12/31/10.
Approve Town Hall usage by Rhinebeck Dance Studio on May 1st from 12:30-4:30
Approve minutes from January 20th ,  January 25th  and February 6th  and
February 11th Town Board meetings.
Resolution on Windows for NYSERDA grant
Award Dock Ramp contract
Approve Shared Service Resolution
Approve Budget Transfers
Approve Abstract 2
Authorization to digitize plane for Town Hall and Highway Garage
Appoint Ellen Baker to Vanderburgh Cove Committee
Recommendation for TMP Phase 1 design contract award
Vanderburgh Cove cost control procedures
Vanderburgh Cove loan extension
Zivtech web contract implementation
Reports and Discussions
Review final  Collective Bargaining Agreement between Town and Teamsters Local
Expanding OSAF Committee membership?
Vanderburgh Cove update
VC Committee recommends hiring 3rd party engineer to oversee Collection and
Treatment plant construction
VC Committee wants to be notified in advance of any non emergency funds spent
on work by Town Engineer or Town Attorney before they are spent
Update on Rhinecliff Hotel Maintenance Agreement
Update from liaison on Gardens
Update from liaison on Planning Board referral to Town Attorney for
interpretation on variance granted to John Imperato.
Rhinecliff drainage issue
Building Department liaison never appointed
Hudson Valley Municipal Purchasing Group
Purchasing agent position
Vanderbrugh Cove system and processing plant contracts status