Rhinebeck announces scholar athletes

RHINEBECK — Stephen Boucher, athletic director at Rhinebeck High School, has announced that 41 students have been named members of the Mid-Hudson Athletic League All Academic Team.

The members of the MHAL All Academic Team are:

Girls soccer — Taylor Gagliardi, Christine Hatter, Meredith Mimoso, Moira Nugent, Sarah Turpin and Clara Woolner.

Boys soccer — Reed Fox, Eric Grim, Tim Henke, Ben Hoynes, Joe Kupiec, Dan Lehan and Andrew McGettrick.

Golf — Louis Berger, Patrick Bergin, Matt Booz, Christian Coratti and Steve Matthews.

Football — Alex Newman and Mark Scott.

Field hockey — Zuleima Cabrera, Samantha Chestney, Jocelyn Ely, Gwen Gideon, Jayne Graffam, Marcia Lee and Briana Santo.

Boys cross country — Adam Baker, Dylan Nowik, Casimir Wills and Zak Wills.

Girls cross country — Anna Clark and Carol Tyson.

Volleyball — Katie Braggins, Serana Ferrari, Alex Hammond, Allyson Kristofik, Pauline Kufner, Amy Mandigo, Megan Michie and Olivia Rogine.

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