Believing in Santa Claus

“Rudolph’s not coming! He’s not coming!” The girl was absolutely convinced and deeply disconsolate. 

“Ru-off not coming,” moaned the boy, trying to match his sister’s despondency.

At first, Neanderdad simply assured her that Rudolph was coming. She would not believe him. Then the boy started to cry in sympathy. He assured the boy too, with similar results. It was funny how contagious discontent was, Neanderdad thought fleetingly. When it was clear that they were both only getting more frustrated at his denials, Neanderdad had everybody, including himself, take a deep breath. Then he had her explain her concerns.

“You just said there wasn’t any snow,” she said. “Santa doesn’t need Rudolph’s shiny nose unless there’s a blizzard!” 

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