Tuesday, October 27th- Rhinebeck Town Halll – Your Vote Will Not Count

I have been invited to speak at Rhinebeck’s Town Hall, this Tuesday night, October 27th, 5:30  80 East Market Street. I will be discussing where we’re at in our efforts to stop voting from becoming a “useless formality.” I am hopeful we’ll be in court next month and stop the State’s plan to implement concealed vote counting on faith-based computers cloaked with an illusory post-election audit procedure.
This week’s Columbia Paper totally got it right in its editor’s editorial: WHAT IF YOUR VOTE didn’t count?
“counting any votes electronically with currently available technology is a prescription for gutting the democratic process. And if our votes don’t count, then nothing else we do as citizens matters.”
“This isn’t a partisan issue. Republicans, Democrats, independents and minor party voters all have a stake in knowing their votes have been counted. But there is big money in the changeover to electronic voting systems, and politicians have shown a surprising reluctance to admit that the law requiring them is a grave mistake.”
Hope to see you Tuesday night.
Andi Novick
Founder and Legal Counsel, the Election Transparency Coalition
http://nylevers.wordpress.com and ETCNYS.org


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