Red Hook police seek driver after encounter with girl, 13

RED HOOK — Police say a motorist who approached a 13-year-old girl in the village of Red Hook Thursday afternoon and asked for directions to Millbrook may be the same man who is reported to have stopped a young girl in Millbrook asking for directions to Red Hook.

In the most recent incident, the Linden Avenue Middle School student was walking home from school at about 3:30 p.m. when she was approached by a white male, described to be in his 40s with light or grayish hair, balding in the front, with a close-cut beard and mustache. The man was said to be driving a dark-blue four-door vehicle, possibly a Subaru or similar-style vehicle, with a silver stripe running down the side.

The man rolled down his window as he approached the girl, who was standing in front of the Mobil Xtra-Mart at the intersection of West Market Street and South Broadway.

Red Hook Police Chief James Truitt said the man asked the girl to get into his car. “Of course, the girl wisely ran,” he said.

Truitt said the girl, who was aware of the recent report in Millbrook, yelled and ran across the intersection into a nearby business. The driver was last seen headed east on state Route 199, East Market Street.

Anyone with information about the incident or who has experienced a similar incident is asked to call the Red Hook Police Department at (845) 758-4710, or the state police at (845) 677-7300.

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