Bard president touts Al-Quds partnership on ‘Charlie Rose’

Bard College President Leon Botstein is promoting the Al-Quds Bard Partnership, the first dual-degree collaboration between a Palestinian University and an American institution of higher education.

Botstein and Al-Quds University President Sari Nusseibeh were featured on “The Charlie Rose Show” Wednesday on PBS.

 Al-Quds Bard, a groundbreaking collaboration in Jerusalem between Bard College and Al-Quds University, was established in 2008 to improve the Palestinian education system.

 Rose interviewed them about the genesis of the partnership, the challenges it faces and its potential implications for the region.

 Opening in phases over the course of 2009–10, Al-Quds Bard is centered on three major initiatives: the Honors College for Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Master of Arts in Teaching Program and the Model School, each tackling a separate but related element of the education process.

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