Indian Point Public Meeting- Indian Point is in our backyard!

Riverkeeper – 2009

Riverkeeper urges you to attend the last public meeting on the environmental impacts of Indian Point before its relicensing hearing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009 (Two identical sessions)
First session: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Second session: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Location: Colonial Terrace, Grand Ballroom
119 Oregon Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY

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This is a critical juncture in our long, hard-fought, battle to retire Indian Point and we need your voice now more than ever! Riverkeeper opposes the license renewal of Indian Point, and is particularly concerned about the following environmental impacts:

•The slaughter of billions of fish, eggs and larvae every year that results from Indian Point’s outdated cooling water intake system, which uses billions of gallons of Hudson River water every day to keep the plant operating.

•The killing of shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon when they are trapped against the cooling water intake screens. Shortnose sturgeon are listed as an endangered species under the federal Endangered Species Act.

•The continuing leak of radioactive water from the Indian Point 2 spent fuel pool into the groundwater and Hudson River, and the residual contamination caused by the plumes of contaminated groundwater that slowly leach toxic strontium-90 and cesium-137 into the Hudson River.

•The long term storage of thousands of tons of highly toxic nuclear waste on the banks of the Hudson River, currently housed in poorly maintained spent fuel pools and “dry casks” that are vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Note:  Entergy is very good at filling these meetings with their employees and union contractors, including union workers who have never worked a day at Indian Point.

Please come out and give voice to the large number of area residents who do not want Indian Point relicensed for 20 more years of operation!


  1. The so-called “slaughter” of what is termed “billions” of fish is simply just not so. It is an arguing point created whole cloth by Al Matthiessen, and echoed by J. Jared Snyder of DEC for strictly personal agendas held by the two co-conspirators. Locals near the plant deny ever seeing dead fish in the Hudson. Twenty years of DEC investigations called Indian Point’s fish impact “of no consequence”. The point is a political red herring.

    Among the species never found dead near Indian Point, is/are the Atlantic short nose sturgeon. Before making such a claim, should we not demand habeas corpus ?— Produce the bodies. If no dead sturgeon can be produced, it stands to reason that there probably are none. (So far , none have been produced.)

    Any legacy leaks left at the site have been aggressively addressed by Entergy since 2001, when they assumed management from the corrupt , incompetent NYPA & Con Ed. The main source of any leaks– the Unit #1 fuel Pool– has been retired, drained, sealed, and the possibility of future leaks reduced to zero. All leaks were miniscule, and trapped in rock. The Hudson was NEVER impacted. NRC and DEC have both signed off on Entergy’s proactive stewardship in ending these legacy leaks.

    If there are so-called “toxic wastes” stored at Indian Point, retiring the plant will not remove them. On the contrary, retiring the plant will only remove the 1200+ dedicated, highly skilled scientists, engineers, and technicians who now monitor these wastes, as well as the security cadre who guard them. Projected security of the stored fuel after a plant closure is estimated by all analysts as being MUCH LOWER than the security of the stored fuel in a working plant.

    Riverkeeper was widely believed to have “run off the tracks” in 2001, and its misleading pleas for support in 2009 demonstrate the same sophomoric callousness from a leadership more intent on grooming the Riverkeeper organization into a successful 501(c)3 collections house, than in providing any real service to the Hudson river. This is widely known.

    Without Indian Point, the Mid Hudson would be blanketed with the CO2 , soot, noise, and environmental insult of mammoth new fossil-based electricity generation. Moreover, the level of power produced by Indian Point could not be duplicated, and brownouts, blackouts, and societal degradation would result, even with the vast environmental insult.

    Riverkeeper has accomplished its original mission, and is now lost, searching for a new one. Indian Point is not that mission.

  2. As far as I know, no “outside” unionists are slated to appear at this meeting. But just who is a true “outsider”?

    If 1200 workers run Indian Point, and if 10,000 other working people in the immediate vicinity also keep their employment in large part because of Indian Point ( mechanical fabricators, landscape contractors, painters, parts suppliers, cleaning services, caterers, etc., etc.), and if each and every employed person were to support at least 2 other people, then the “community under attack” by Riverkeeper in this instance is a blue collar community of at least 20,000 to 30,000 local taxpayers, all of whom are to be pauperized, were Riverkeeper’s elitist dream of a “techno pogrom” to ever become reality.

    This is Riverkeeper’s immediate, first line “pauperization count”, in which they entreat you, the public, to join them, in making productive citizens into dependent paupers, because Riverkeeper has some propaganda it has created, and now believes. I contend that Riverkeeper’s misplaced belief in its own spin is insufficient cause to attack my fellow citizens. (but to each his own).

    They gloss over this first line, and also the second line of paupers….The second line includes all of us who depend on State or County services in an area where Indian Point pays $750 million in direct corporate taxes, and some $130 million in salaries, areas which would be rendered bankrupt by the closure of Indian Point.

    They also neglect to consider the third wave of pauperization, a wave that would quickly follow because Indian Point does not supply mere widgets, or designer tie tacks, but rather is the purveyor of the single most important infrastructure commodity (after water) needed to keep a civilization viable. That commodity is, of course, energy.

    I too look to the day when free solar power streams earthward onto a green, prosperous world without borders or bias, allowing a millennium of enlightenment, prosperity, resurgent hope, unlimited travel, and human advancement unparallelled in history.

    Unfortunately, we are not within that golden age. Day by day, the millennial dreams of the Bernie Madoffs, and the Ralph Naders, and the Robert Kennedys are turning out to have been the lowest of personal advertising, possibly even total scams.

    As citizens, we simply need to await the uncovering of scam after scam, to judge who has been misleading us….and …. most importantly… no harm in the mean time.

    Along those lines, I entreat you to consider this proposition:

    I say Indian Point has been the green engine behind the successful cleanup of the Hudson Valley so far. I say Indian Point’s dependable, almost invisible presence, has raised all of us to the prosperity level we now enjoy. I contend that all other possible alternatives would (and will) fall far short of what we have become used to with Indian Point, and that the quixotic, short-sighted technographic-cleansing pogrom of a misled Riverkeeper has no place in a newly open post-Bush world.

    Or …. I might be entirely wrong.

    However, let’s all try to do no harm, until we have learned more.

    Manhattanville polled local people in 2007 & in 2008, and found that 67% (2007) and 70% (2008) have no fears of Indian Point.

    Is it possible someone is bent on frightening us, for narrow, unethical reasons?

    Or is that totally impossible?

    You decide.

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