Crop Walk 2008


Crop stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty.

The annual walk to help fight world hunger will be held on Sunday, October 5th in Red Hook and begins at 1 PM at the Rec Park on Linden Avenue.

There are many ways to participate. You can help generate an awareness of the need to end poverty by walking. Walkers get sponsors to support them in their walk. You can sponsor a walker. Your monetary gift does so much in the way of helping to provide food and clean drinking water as well as building wells, providing seeds and animals and education to help communities become self-sustaining.

Another way to participate is to be a spirit walker and collect donations in the spirit of the CROP WALK if you’re not able to walk (for whatever reason).

Up to 25% of monies raised will assist local food banks, pantries and other hunger-fighting programs in our community.

Dutchess County Community Action Agency Inc. is located in Red Hook and is our locally designated agency. We do need help right here at home. Yes, even in Red Hook, Rhinebeck and Tivoli, our local church food pantries experience very low supplies. However, with your gifts of support, we do manage to come through for those who need to utilize them. In an effort to help, we are asking each walker to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the walk to be shared with the church pantries that need to be stocked.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact :

Laurie Craft at 229-5681  

Laurie Craft’s name will be listed, as Church or the  Messiah’s team captain,

From there, you can donate funds to one of the registered walkers listed there, or, join the team yourself, let friends know about the CROP walk, and raise funds online.

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