Community Block Grants available in Town Clerks Office

Homeowner applications available in Town Clerks Office for Rebuilding Together in Dutchess County.

Affordable Housing/Open Space Committee looking for new members.  Applications in Town Clerk’s Office

Written comments on the scoping document were due today at Town Hall or
postmarked August 25th.  September 1st Town Hall, Highway Garage and Transfer Station  will be closed for Labor Day.

September 5th – blood bank drive at Town Hall from 4-8 pm.

September 7th – progressive dinner for Quitman House.  Contact Brenda Klaproth at 876-2436.

The Rhinecliff Hamlet Advisory Council is seeking applications for one position on the Council. Applications should be submitted to the Town Clerk.

BUSINESS  * Approve Clearwater Sloop docking at Rhinecliff  on October 13-14th

 * Superfund payment update

 * Affordable Housing/Open Space Charter from Dod

 * Alternate Planning Board member update from  Roderick MacLeod

 * Grasmere SEQR from Roderick Mac Leod

 * Snow & Ice Resolution for 2009 with Highway Dept.

 * Approve August 7th, and August 11th  Town Board minutes

 * Hire part time bookkeeping clerk  at $11.00 . Kathy Rausch up to 10 hours    per week.

 * Resolution opposing county legislature’s  electrician’s local law.

 * Authorize Highway Department to advertise for  2009 road material bids.

 * Accept resignation of Bob Rosborough.

 * Authorize Highway Superintendent to advertise   for MEO at $14.64.