Saturday, July 17th Concert at Rhinecliff Dock from 4-7 pm.
Waterfront Committee is seeking volunteers for waterfront day
celebration on August 16th. 

For more information contact Cathy Washburn at 876-2244  or go to Town website.
Accoustic Jam on Friday, July 18th at 7pm at the Town Pool 



1.. Authorize Supervisor to sign letter of support on behalf of Cornell
Co-op in their  request to Thomas Thompson Foundation for a feasibility study grant.   
2.. Approve June 23rd and June 26th meeting minutes.   

3.. Schedule Comprehensive Plan scoping session for August 14th at 6:45 pm (cannot be  earlier due to District Attorney night in the court room at 5:00)   

4.. Authorize Supervisor to sign letter of support for Morton Library for
their  handicapped accessible bathroom application to NYS Education Dept, Library Development.   

5.. Authorize purchase of bike rack for the waterfront.      Whereas the  Waterfront Committee would like a bicycle rack at the  Town dock; Where as the purchase price of said equipment is less than $800
Therefore Be It Resolved that the Town Board of the Town of           
Rhinebeck authorize the purchase of an $800 bike rack.
Be It Further Resolved that the bookkeeper is authorized to make the
following budget amendment  Repairs 00-06-5720-440  – $800
Equipment 00-06-5720-200  + $800

 6. Pedestrian Bridge roof needs repairs –             

Whereas the Waterfront  Committee wants the Pedestrian Bridge roof repaired; Where as there is $5,200 in the RR Walkover Roof Repairs in the
2008 budget; Now Therefore be it Resolved that the Town Board of the Town of Rhinebeck authorizes the repair to the railroad walkover roof not
to exceed $5,200 Be It Further resolved that the bookkeeper is authorize tp make the following entry to account 00-06-5270-440 RR Walkover Roof Repair for $5,200.

7.. Approval of e mail and website subscription policies. Policies can be
reviewed at
[ ]
[ ]
8.. Authorize purchase of materials to build portable floor for outdoor
concerts not toexceed $350 from park capital fund.  

9.. Authorize justice department to advertise for and hire an additionalcourt attendant  to handle security entrance.  DISCUSSION

   1.. Rhinecliff dock pavilion – no bids were returned – next step.   

2.. General discussion for comp plan/zoning review   

3.. Update of summer recreation programs.   
4.. Speeding “no tolerance zones.”   

5.. Licensed electrician law   

6.. Vanderburgh update   

7.  Rhinecliff Hotel maintenance agreement.

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