Urge legislators to nix plan to cut health aid

Urge legislators to nix plan to cut health aid

New York’s legislators have important decisions to make on proposed state budget cuts that will affect the health care of more than 6 million New Yorkers and the jobs of 250,000 workers.

The proposed state budget would cut funding to nursing homes and their residents by $215 million and funding to home-care providers and their clients by more than $100 million.

These are not cuts that will affect one person, or even 100 people. These are cuts that will have a negative effect on the health care and well-being of the 324,000 people in New York’s nursing homes, more than 240,000 who rely on home health-care services and more than 12,000 individuals served by adult day health-care programs.

These cuts matter to you because 6 million New Yorkers of the baby boom generation are starting to age into the system at a time when those relying on it are growing sicker and frailer. They matter because they include massive cuts to community-based services such as home care and adult day health care at a time when seniors want more than ever to be able to be cared for at home in their own communities.

If you’re a baby boomer, if you care what happens to your parents or grandparents, if you want health-care options to be there when you need them someday, call your legislator and urge them to say “no” to the proposed health-care cuts.

Regina Pasco
Ferncliff Nursing Home
Adult Day Health Care

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