Dutchess County Fairgrounds going green


RHINEBECK – As home heating and gasoline prices continue to escalate without an end in sight, Jim Hanson believes the event he’s hosting at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck this weekend is needed more than ever.”Am I going to continue to allow myself to be a victim or am I going to get off my [butt] and do something about it?” said Hanson, one of the organizers of the first Hudson Valley Green Fair. “Knowledge is power and the more knowledge people have, the more options they have.”

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Green Spot Light On Rhinebeck’s Infrared Diagnostics

   At Infrared Diagnostics, infrared energy audits can help you offset the impact of rising energy prices and make heating and cooling your home or building more affordable. When you call Infrared Diagnostics with a comfort or performance problem, you’ll receive a fast, accurate diagnosis and a factual, unbiased report that includes:

  • Thermographic Documentation- All findings are individually identified in your report with vivid thermal images – that enhances your understanding of just what the problems are and how to go about having them repaired.
  • Repair Priorities– To help you make energy-smart decisions and make the most effective use of limited funds, we establish repair priorities for each problem based on the greatest potential energy savings to maximize your return on investment.
  • Repair Guidance – To help you obtain appropriate remediation and effectively deal with the contractors performing any repair work, we provide a detailed analysis of each problem and a practical, cost-effective solution based on the latest building science technologies.

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Dutchess County Fairgrounds going green

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