Historical society takes inventory of assets

The permanent collection of the Dutchess County Historical Society comprises 11 major categories.

The collection is the core of the society’s existence and needs constant attention and includes manuscripts such as Titus Civil War, Van Wyck, Teller, Nine Partners and Campbell Papers; bound manuscripts, i.e. account books, ledgers and diaries; books from Dutchess County Historical Society and other sources; 18th to 20th century maps, photographs and prints; furnishings and decorative arts; textiles such as costumes, rugs, bonnets, hats and needlework; newspapers, many in bound format; paintings; ephemera – pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, programs, invitations, postcards; and natural historic and prehistoric material such as arrowheads, rocks and minerals. Modern technology audio recordings, oral history, videocassettes, CDs and DVDs, is also a category that needs to be included.

In 2006, a collections inventory was started by a core of volunteers as part of the society’s work plan. Work on this project will continue this spring. The data gathered will be checked against the past perfect computer inventory, which has all the information on each object. Volunteers have been scanning images of these objects to accompany this data.

Periodically, we will share information such as this as we continue toward our 100th anniversary in 2014. Please check our Web site at

www.dutchesscountyhistoricalsociety.org    for information or to join the historical society.

Steven Mann

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