Food pantries need donations just to get by

While there are various ways Hudson Valley food pantries receive assistance, they all need help in some form, whether it be money, volunteers or food.

The Queens Galley soup kitchen in Kingston is unique because it uses perishable items such as grains and vegetables for meals served three times a day, seven days a week. So, instead of canned ravioli and the like, the soup kitchen relies on real ingredients.

“Food donations in general have been really slow,” said Diane Reeder, executive director. “We were lucky enough this growing season to be the beneficiaries of donations of food from Hudson Valley farmers.”

Last year, the soup kitchen was able to freeze vegetables or dehydrate them so they could be saved through the winter. At the time, the soup kitchen was serving 2,500 meals a month, but now it’s more than 6,000.

“We’re using it faster than it comes in,” Reeder said. “There is no food to freeze. There is no food to save. There just isn’t.”


If you would like to donate to a local food pantry, please contact

 The Church of The Messiah in Rhinebeck.

 For More Info:876-3533

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