Omega Institute implements a safer way to process waste

Omega Institute, located in Rhinebeck, NY, is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Omega’s vision is to “be a global center for the development of human potential.” Omega’s straightforward approach to self-healing takes on complicated personal and global issues. One of its big initiatives in rectifying its own impact on the environment is the creation of a new state-of-the-art water filtration and waste management system by eliminating its dependence on the use of large septic tanks. Appropriately named “Eco Machine,” Omega’s filtration system is moving away from a disposal system of leach fields constructed back in the 1950s; Omega believes this a safer way to process waste.
Eco Machine is based on the natural science of estuaries, which is how Nature processes its own waste products. The system comprises a series of holding tanks, each sized about 14 feet deep, utilizing slightly different ecosystems and enclosed in a greenhouse. Eco Machine works by using plants and natural bacteria to break down waste by products and purify the water; as water makes its one-to-three-day journey through the holding tanks, it becomes progressively cleaner.

One of the really interesting aspects of Omega’s natural water filtration initiative is that, as a center of education, it is making the facility available to local schools and universities as well as local municipalities so people can learn how to move toward a more environmentally safe way of processing waste. Omega is embracing the idea of walking the walk by taking a terrifically proactive approach to water filtration and waste management as well as educating the next generation in waste management modeling. To learn more, visit Omega’s Web site at